The Biology of the Subtropical and Pantropic Shrub, Sophora tomentosa L. (Fabaceae), in Coastal Dune Environments

Robert I Lonard, Frank Judd, Richard Stalter


Sophora tomentosa family Fabaceae, is a world-wide subtropical and tropical species with buoyant seeds that is distributed in coastal sites of five continents including remote islands and atolls. It may occur in pioneer strand vegetation, in coastal swamps, on the margins of mangrove habitats, and in semi-stabilized secondary dunes. Sophora tomentosa is a shrub with alternate, pubescent, odd-pinnately compound leaves, an unspecialized floral structure, and a legume that is constricted between the seeds. It tolerates low soil nutrients and high substrate temperatures. Seeds are toxic and contain numerous alkaloids. This species has a minor role in coastal geomorphology, but may be used as a sand-stabilizer in protected secondary dunes. It has horticultural value in coastal landscaping. 

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18103/ibr.v0i2.234


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